Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Kiss Goodnight 3... And Your Gonna Love Me For It.

I've been looking for new music hard lately. And I haven't come across anything that really "gave me life". Until... I realized that I hadn't checked my SoundCloud page in a while so, there was bound to be some goodies on there.  It took a minute but, I found THIS!! 

Thank you FADER Mag!! I clicked on it mostly because it's called, "Giraffage" and Giraffes are my favorite animal. It got me curious and it pleases my ear so much (listening to it now).

I'd definitely listen to this on a late drive through the city. It's really chill and groovy. But not the '70's "groovy"; it just gets you in a good groove with a slow head-bob and it brings a slow gin across your face 'cause it's just that cool.

*Disclaimer: Some lyrics may be disturbing or funny depending on the type of person you are.*


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Late Night Discoveries...

Tis' 3 o'clock in the morning and I have discovered greatness!

First off, I said I was going to find out who/what brand Solange was wearing and I did. I found it on Tumblr searching through her tag because I knew someone on there had to have known. As, I was typing it into Google, it came up purple, meaning, I had found the brand before and totally forgot! I had a feeling it was the same brand, i just couldn't remember the name.  And then it got even better. The brand, Boxing Kitten, is sold at a store called, Dem Two Hands, in Montclair, NJ, which isn't far from me! With that being said, I'll be there soon.

My other discovery started when my sister asked my to find her a kaftan. I pulled up all of my fashion Google's (Polyvore, Etsy, and Svpply) and on Svpply, I found this vintage store called Lulu Tresors and UGH! So much vintage! I am in LOVE! I started to make a purchase but, coincidentally (because clearly God knew I was gonna end up purchasing everything) the shop will be closed from June 8th - July 12. Just in time.

I am posting the links so that you can discover it for yourself.

Boxing Kitten
Lulu Tresors

Hope you find something you like!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Life Has Been (Partially) Made...

During the drive to The Roots Picnic, I played songs from just about every artist that was going to be there to prepare myself for the amazingness that was about to unfold. 
I imagined a Coachella-esque lawn with a two grand stages and behind them was the pier. As I said, I imagined it to be this way. The space was quite small for several thousand people in 90 degree heat and the ground was pavement. But that's not to say I didn't enjoy myself because I had  blasty-blast! 
My friends and I arrived just in time to see Robert Glasper and they definitely did their thing. They did a cover of "No Church In The Wild" that kinda made me wish they had been on the original (yeah, it was that good). We then proceeded to the tent to see, Trinidad James, who was hilarious! When "All Gold Everything", came on, NO ONE could contain themselves and EVERYONE knew the lyrics. It was quite a party. 
After him, my friend, Chelsea  and I went to the main stage to wait for big sis Solange. We really wanted a good spot and there was an act before her so, we decide to wait the hour or so (dedication). Luckily the group that went was How to Dress Well. My friend hadn't heard of them but, I enjoyed every bit of them. Their first song tribute to their recently passed friend was unexpected but heart-warming. And then... SOLANGE!!!! A fight had broken out in front of my just before she came on and knocked me out of my clear view of where Solange would be standing but, it was all good. I was still able to see her yet, I wish she was able to see me (fan issues).    When big sis came out, I felt like my life was receiving the biggest blessing ever. Her hair and OH GOD her outfit was so complete and she looked adorable. I am currently desperately searching to find out who she was wearing. But big sis sang her a__ off and danced around that stage as if she were 16 in her bedroom. She LIVED on that stage. After her performance, I didn't care about anyone else that was there (not even my friends). All I need to do now is actually meet her and then I can die happily.
When Solo exited stage left, Chelsea and I went back into the tent with our other group members and suddenly, my ears started to hear wonderful things and Chelsea began to lose her mind. I was sitting, but when I stood up, Gaslamp Killer was killing it! He was so animated and hyped and the beats were amazing and the remixing was awesome. He is A-dorable.   After he, my friends waited quite a while for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It was hot, out feet were hurting, lines were long, water was $5.50 (call me cheap but, that was a little expensive for me) and we felt like we were slowly dying. Then, they (finally) came on and now that I think about it, the whole experience and watching everyone perform was like one big party. Macklemore crowd surfed and performed "Thrift Shop" with a vest from someone in the audience. He too is A-dorable and I wanted to rake him home, but he wouldn't fit in my backpack (sad face emoji).
Here's when the party came to a halt. I get severely dehydrated and LITERALLY almost passed out. It got so bad, I was willing to leave the vicinity knowing I couldn't get back in. I wound up drinking the now hot bottle of water to pull myself together. It seemed as if The Roots tool FOREVER to come on! My friends started falling apart and we swore we weren't going to make it. And then, The Roots. Just as the sun had completely gone from sky they stepped out on stage and "proceeded to rock the mic". They put me in my mellowed out mood that I love so much. I was just vibing and everything was cool.
I couldn't have picture my night ending any better. This was the best musical experience Iv'e ever had
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would be more than happy to go again but, try not to nearly pass out.

Here's some pics from the blessed event:

Robert Glasper

How To Dress Well

Big Sis Solange and her AMAZING hair and outfit

The heat getting to my brain\

The Roots