Monday, July 8, 2013

Babes Unedited... (4th of July)

Sisters; Zoriah & Jael

Little wet/Medium wet/Big wet hands

Not a babe but, my favorite shot of the day

Water Baby

Greetings from the water bucket

Julianna watering the plants

No unwelcome guests

Curious Myrikal

Old Hollywood Babe

Little Explorer

Very patriotic Kennedi

 Though these photos are unedited, I still think they are beautiful. I am currently without photo editing software but it doesn't stop me from sharing memories and wonderful experiences.
I enjoyed shooting these babes on their first real 4th of July (last year, they were all pretty much fresh out of the womb).
I love shooting babes and children because they haven't been tainted to constantly care about their appearance in photos yet. I adore their innocence and I want to keep these memories for them when they get older.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Inspiration - African Print Attire

Because Solange is one of my main style icons, I've been very into African prints. Especially after this outfit worn at The Roots Picnic by Boxing Kitten.

Since then I've been on a non stop search to find inexpensive versions of African Print clothing.
Through y research, I've come across other designers that use the prints and inspire me to did deeper and look harder because the more I see, the more I want them and the more outfits come to mind.

Topshop has this African Print skater skirt (my favorite style of skirt) for $20 (on sale), however, it's no longer available in my size. I spotted it before it went on sale and it still wasn't in my size. (Is is just me or does everyone all of  sudden wear my size when it's time for me to go shopping?)

Stella Jean is the high end and expensive if the designers I've so far and my absolute favorite. The styles and prints are beautiful. Here are three of my favorite styles and items from the label.

You ever get the feeling that you're supposed to know something or have it? Well, Lianne La Havas (LOVE her!) posted a picture on Instagram of her and her band mates before a performance in Glastonbury and I had to find out who/what they were wearing but, I wasn't sure how until... I logged on to Twitter and guess who was on retweeting and responding to fans? The lovely Lianne. So I asked her and she responded!! They are wearing Bombe Surprise which is stationed in Europe and just as costly as Boxing Kitten but, just as worth it.

Here are my favorite pieces that I plan in owning before the summer's out.

Finally, I checked the ASOS Market Place (which I highly recommend) and TADA!!! The Feather Tree has several skater skirts and crop tops that are affordable however, and I am currently finalizing by purchases. But I need more!! So this isn't the end. And when my clothing arrives, I will model and post photos.