Friday, May 31, 2013

Pre-The Roots Picnic

Because it is officially after midnight, TODAY IS THE ROOTS PICNIC!!! I am BEYOND stoked!! I will avidly be posting on Instagram and Twitter to document all the excitement and then I'll post here about the entire experience.

This is my first concert/music festival. AND SOLANGE IS GOING TO BE THERE!!! (She IS my older sister. I don't care what anyone says). I am most excited to see here and all her soulful bohemian beauty.

So in honor of the picnic I've put together a short playlist of some of the songs I hope to here by some of the artist that are gonna be there.

You Got Me - The Roots
Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty By Nature
Sleep In The Park - Solange
Twice (Remix Feat. Solange and ?uestlove) - Robert Glasper
& was you - How To Dress Well
All Gold Everything - Trinidad James
Cant Hold Us - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've Been Gone For A Minute...

But now I'm back with the JUMP OFF!!

HA! I've always wanted to say that and use it in the proper context.

I know I promised to update as much as possible but, school work and finals held me hostage. With that being said, it is now summer and my blog can have my undivided attention. I'm still taking a class for the first part of the summer but it's ceramics. Thanks to years of summer camp (along with the fear of the cute boys seeing how nonathletic I was and the scorching heat) this class will be an easy A 'cause all I did was pottery and ceramics.

I have one semester left of this college life and I am terrified. I have a plan but, I don't think it's gonna pan out well. MY LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES!!! (*dramatics British accent)

Hopefully, some really cool independent or "hipster", if you will (seeing that's the culture I just so happen to identify with) will see a dire need for my amazingness (not a word, sorry Noah) and will want me in their life.

Till then, I'll be here sharing my awesomeness (THAT'S A WORD?!) with whoever decides to peep this do-hickey.

Now Playing: "Before Tigers (Cfcf Remix)" x HEALTH

Later Gators!