Sunday, August 25, 2013

FNO Hiatus...

But WHY?!
Ok I know why, but still, why?! 
Fashions Night Out is a huge fashion event that ushers in Fashion Week in which stores in major locations (NY, LA, etc) stay open late and basically throw a little party for their shoppers. As you shop, you receive free drinks and listen to great music by cool Dj's and possibly mingle with celebrities. 
However this year in NYC, there will be none of that. 
FNO was originally created because of the recession and they wanted to give fashion lovers something to be excited about. Being that the recession is over, the NY stores feel that FNO is now just a waste of money. People come mostly for the partying and none of the shopping. Therefore, no FNO this year. Which sucks for the tri-state area because I know all fashion lovers were looking forward to this event (I sure as heck was!!). 
NY is the fashion capitol of the world. For there to not be a FNO this year is just depressing. And it's JUST NY that's sitting it out this year. 
There are way too many fashion addicts in the area for the to do this. Hopefully, the creators of FNO and the stores that take part in this glorious event have a change of heart.

#125 (Skin - BOY)